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Job Search – Keeping Motivated

Getting your next job ideally is a seamless experience, ideally stepping from one to the next challenge. But at some stage in our lives it might not work so smoothly and I know through talking with a number of you, there are some dark days of self doubt. Some uncertainty on the inexorable path to the next challenge, which isn’t happening fast enough for you. So note the following:

Remember, on a ‘challenging day when you are your less enthusiastic self, when the job hunt is grinding you down, or for that matter the unreasonable client, it is your energy last week/month that makes things happen for you; This is the reason for the phone call you get on the challenging day that brings about the great connection, thought, meeting or interview you really want.

Progression comes from your energy focused on pursuing new contacts, developing new ideas/solving business problems, writing a new blog, attending a meet up. It is when you drove yourself forward, perhaps apprehensively, somewhat lacking in confidence but you did anyway.

So even when you are feeling less than motivated, remember it is not about one off days but a general persistency and consistency of initiative on your part. It is about the totality of energy you put out. And, if you are energetic enough (albeit in a focused way) there will be a natural flow of activity and fewer challenging days.

Let me know what yu would advise individuals to do to keep themselves motivated. Thanks, S

One Key Question

When you are going for an interview, even better, before you go for a meeting, you are considering a job opportunity that you feel will be a great progression for you, or at least a limp in the right direction! One key question you should ask you headhunter or the HR person and/or the person interviewing you actually, everyone associated with the role. They all have perspectives, knowledge and biases that you need to be aware of upfront. The one thing you need to have answered and that will allow you to bail from the process before it got going or to ask the right follow up questions as the process continues, that one thing you need to be clear about is, ‘what makes the person coming in to this role a success within a year of starting.’ If you know this you know whether is a great progression for you or not.

Navigating Success

‘I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but by how high he bounces when he hits bottom.’ George S. Patton.

I love what Patton’s comment reveals about having a ‘never say die attitude’ and responding to adversity as being key in our live. That said, I would rather mitigate the troughs people have to experience. One simple thing to do (and not so simple) is be clear about that part of the day, week or month where you LOVE your work. Be clear what this is and magnify this aspect of what you focus on for your agency or company. If you do this, you will deliver. And, while you may still be challenged, your success is less likely to be defined by how high you bounce.