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Do you want to show up more creatively for your clients and your colleagues, your family, and your friends?

Do you want to default to thinking about opportunity versus focusing just on problems?

Discovering Hope is full of proactive steps you can take right now, to achieve a more positive mindset or to help maintain the positivity you already have

Getting Positive reveals that more optimism is close at hand

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Why Sparkin

Phil Gaughran, Business Strategy Officer, America Dentsu Creative
Advertising is a cutthroat business and recruitment in advertising can be even more so. As the supply and demand equation constantly shifts, it would be easy to throw candidates at roles and hope they stick. But that’s not Stuart’s way. From the moment I met Stuart, I recognized that he was different from other recruiters. He cares equally about the agency/client and the candidate. Sounds simple enough but it’s a rare trait these days. Stuart takes the time to truly understand where a candidate’s passion lies and then matches that passion with roles that are the right mix of challenging and exciting so that those he works with can truly grow in their careers, not simply make a series of lateral moves and end up treading water. An undoubted professional, who is intuitively personable and definitely one of the good guys.

Kendra Hatcher King, VP N.A. Sapient
Working with Stuart was amazing. He’s part career coach and part executive recruiter who focuses on your holistic needs. Stuart is highly respected and connected with great follow-through. Unlike many executive recruiters, Stuart has a thorough understanding of 21st-century communications strategy, the convergence of media + digital + brand, and its impact on planning/strategy. I strongly recommend him for serious senior executives looking for the best opportunities in the ad industry.

Christine Hasbun, Consumer Planning Director, Diageo
Stuart is one of those few executive search professionals who demonstrate a real interest in the people (both the candidates and the companies commissioning the search). He has consistently shown me kindness and generosity, offering his wisdom and advice in every conversation. Stuart also truly understands Strategy and applies this knowledge to his career counseling helping switch the candidate’s point of view from “immediate opportunity” to sustainable frameworks for long-term career fulfillment.

Harjot Singh, Global Chief Strategy Officer, McCann
Stuart is not only brilliant, intuitive, well connected, wise beyond his years, and worldly; he is kind. And that makes him special in so many ways. Stuart has an uncanny ability to surprise people with their own brilliance. He listens intently, observes accurately, and guides with patience and focus. He is one of the best recruiters I have met in the industry. I recommend Stuart with enthusiasm.

Eldad Heilweil, Head Global Planning Samsung Mobile @ Cheil
I’ve been pretty loyal to one agency for most of my career so when I finally decided to actively look for a new place, I had to make sure I’m making the right decision. Somehow fate introduced me to Stuart who ended up not just bringing me one of the most exciting job offers I could have ever asked for, but also coached me throughout the entire process, while always having my best interest in his heart. I would have never have gone on such a big adventure if it wasn’t for Stuart’s open-minded and global approach to life and to work. So if you’re looking for a meaningful next chapter, reach out to Stuart immediately.

Shauna Derby, Lead Global Brand Strategy, Uber Eats
Stuart didn’t just get me a job, he got me a job that was right for me. He took the time to listen to what I was looking for and showed a knack for understanding what makes me tick and what roles I’d be best suited for. He didn’t try to pigeonhole me or push me into anything that didn’t feel right. Finally, he has a breadth of relationships and interests that make him an ideal partner if you’re looking for a role that’s outside the mainstream. Thanks, Stuart

Szilvia Kovari-Krecsmary, Chief Marketing Officer, Paidy
I was fortunate enough to get to know Stuart during the years I worked in New York. I always enjoyed our conversations regardless of whether I was actually looking for new opportunities or not. He was able to either inspire me or clarify my thinking about whatever kept my mind busy at that time. To this day, I’m looking forward to receiving his Sparkin Newsletters as he manages to touch upon topics, which are timely as well as enrich me both as a professional and perhaps also as a human being.

Jeremy Davis, Group Strategy Director, TBWA\Chiat\Day
Stuart possesses a staggering ability to maintain personal, thoughtful, kind, and intelligent relationships with people. He is an extremely helpful and insightful advocate for the people he helps. I have personally enjoyed working with Stuart very much and highly recommend him for strategists looking for insights and opportunities to advance their careers and get where they want to go.

Mara Buta, SVP Head of Agency, Beautiful Destinations
Stuart is more than a recruiter, he’s a career coach. He went above and beyond to advise me even though there wasn’t an immediate benefit to him. He really took the time to understand my long-term ambitions and aspirations rather than solely focusing on my short-term goals. His diverse background enabled him to provide a different perspective on my career trajectory. I highly recommend Stuart.

Mathilde Yvert Rankin, Senior Director Strategy, S4 Capital Group
Stuart is really great to work with. An attentive listener, he respects the person’s ambition and thoughts. The delicate straightforwardness is welcomed and refreshing in the industry. He is approachable and easy to exchange ideas with and it’s great to have his open mind which allows a fostering and provoking of new ideas when needed. He is genuinely interested in pursuing what is right for you rather than simply making a placement. All this in a friendly way and with personality. I highly recommend him.

Ife Babatunde, Agency Lead, LinkedIn
Stuart is much more than a recruiter. He’s an extremely talented career coach, mentor, and guide who takes the time to understand your career ambitions and is a true advocate along the way. He’s very well connected to the advertising, media, and branding community and was helpful in making a number of important introductions for me. He’s also a complete pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Stuart.

Maryann Kuzel, EVP Worldwide Health Strategy, Data & Analytics Lead, Publicis
I have known Stuart for many years, during his tenure at DDB as well as a recruiter. In every role, Stuart brings a high level of professionalism and a strategic mind that understands the business inside out and will go above and beyond to get every job done with excellence. But more than that, I admire Stuart most for his “personal self” that he brings to his work every day: his genuine caring for the people he works with, his ability to listen and respond with honesty, thoughtfulness and empathy, his kindness and intelligence, and willingness to mentor. I highly recommend Stuart Parkin.