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Cybelle Srour, Managing Director Strategy

Stuart is just a rare individual who has an unbridled passion for people and a knack for tapping into what motivates them. He sets the stage for individuals to make their own self-discoveries and guides them to go where they may not have dared and answer some key “authentic and difficult” questions. Stuart doesn’t see people as a set of bodies with skills but rather each individual has a unique gift they need to set on fire. An Arthur Ashe quote comes to mind when describing Stuart’s approach “From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life”. Stuart not only takes this to heart but seeks to inspire people to understand their gift and how to make a life from it. I’d recommend Stuart full-on, no questions asked !

Daniel Teng Senior Strategist

Stuart is a great recruiter. He seeks to understand what’s important to you and always offers sound advice. He spends time with you to assess all sides of a potential opportunity. Most importantly, he has empathy — which is all you can ask for in a recruiter. Stuart has gained my trust not to mention, he’s a really nice guy and an overall pleasure to work with.

Adam Snyder Chief Digital Officer

“There isn’t enough room to say all the good things that there are to be said about Stuart, his work and his consummate professionalism. In a very cut throat profession where a majority of his peers deal in mass, Stuart separates himself from the pack by taking the time to build relationships and get to know the people he works with. The results are simple, he continually matches the right candidate to the right position -Work with Stuart if you’re looking for a qualified set of hires, or if you’re an individual seeking a new position that’s truly right for you “

Mathilde Yvert Rankin Strategy Director

Stuart is really great to work with. An attentive listener, he respects the person’s ambition and thoughts. The delicate straight forwardness is welcomed and refreshing in the industry. He is approachable and easy to exchange ideas with and it’s great to have his open mind which allows a fostering and provoking of new ideas when needed. He is genuinely interested in pursuing what is right for you rather than simply making a placement. All this in a friendly way and with personality. I highly recommend him.

Phil Gaughran, Chief Strategy Officer

Advertising is a cut throat business and recruitment in advertising can be even more so. As the supply and demand equation constantly shifts, it would be easy to throw candidates at roles and hope they stick. But that’s not Stuart’s way. From the moment I met Stuart, I recognized that he was different from other recruiters. He cares equally about the agency/client and the candidate. Sounds simple enough but it’s a rare trait these days. An undoubted professional, who is intuitively personable and definitely one of the good guys.

John Ebeling, Planning Director

Stuart always looks at your future goals and frames his advice relative to where you want to grow. He’s interested in you making the right career choice and that’s ultimately helpful for everyone. And, he just a really cool and genuine person to boot.

Shauna Axton, Head of Strategy

Stuart didn’t just get me a job, he got me a job that was right for me. He took the time to listen to what I was looking for and showed a knack for understanding what makes me tick and what roles I’d be best suited for. He didn’t try to pigeon hole me or push me into anything that didn’t feel right. Finally, he has a breadth of relationships and interests that make him an ideal partner if you’re looking for a role that’s outside the mainstream. Thanks, Stuart

Adam Swann, Brand & Digital Strategy Leader

Stuart is a super useful and great guy to know. I asked him to find us interesting unconventional strategists. And he did. But he does more than that. His approach is all about intelligent questioning, which is helpful in really focussing on what we want to do, not just what we need right now.

Christina Stanfield, Strategist

Stuart is an amazing career resource for anyone looking to hone in on their dream job or make an important professional change, whether junior or senior level. I’ve worked with Stuart on and off throughout the past four years and am always thrilled with the insight and actionable direction he provides.”

Marianne Velonis, Brand & Innovation Strategy Director

Stuart is a bright spot in an industry that can make a job candidate feel like a commodity. He’s patient, empathetic, and a great active listener: all traits that are much appreciated when in the middle of making life-changing career decisions. A career matchmaker with high integrity, Stuart thoughtfully pairs candidates with great career-progressive opportunities, and I trust him with my career path completely.

Harjot Singh, EVP Executive Strategy

Stuart is not only brilliant, intuitive, well connected, wise beyond his years and worldly; he is kind. And that makes him special in so many ways. Stuart has an uncanny ability to surprise people with their own brilliance. He listens intently, observes accurately and guides with patience and focus. He is one of the best recruiters I have met in the industry. I recommend Stuart with enthusiasm.

David Lavietes, EVP Director

The last two times Stuart did a search for me, I interviewed 100% of the candidates he sent me. They were all interesting in different ways and all right for the job and for me. That’s hard to top. But in addition, Stuart is also a thoughtful and trustworthy advisor, whose opinion on hiring and managing people I value highly.