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Miami 2016 Derek Parkin Scholarship Winner

Congratulations Marta Domenech.

The Derek Parkin Scholarship rewards the planner or creative not simply with the biggest mind, but the biggest heart, to go with the mind!

The idea behind the award is to encourage a genuine interest in people (reinforces this fact for some and illustrates its importance to others) and a willingness to actively aid their progression. However, it is more than compassion that is being rewarded; This scholarship reinforces the fact that by striving to help others, by communicating a genuine interest in their progression and better still facilitating it, we enhance our own ability to understand them and so aid them, whether client, creative, planner or suit and in so doing, we aid our own progression.

This award is made to the individual selected by teachers and classmates, strategic and creative alike, that do the following:

  • Contributes to the discussion and understanding of the subject matter
  • Contributes by helping classmates understand and progress their knowledge
  • Contribute to creating a fun environment in which to operate in
  • Helps inspire those around them