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A job at any cost?

When you are sufficiently unhappy with your current job typically you want another job. And, depending how unhappy you are, the more flexible you’ll be in what you accept. In so doing, unless you’re in luck, you set your self up for at best, a sub optimal career path and at worst, constant dissatisfaction. So, don’t let yourself get so disgruntled in the first place! And, if the unhappiness stems from some sudden event such as your being ‘fired,’ still focus on the following….

An opportunity where people truly respect your knowledge and experience; A place  where you respect the vision and culture/feeling of the agency and not simply the idea of what the advertising industry ‘tells you’ is cool to have on your resume. Be smart. Know what you want and don’t. Play to your strengths. And, even though you have bills to pay, understand you will be in true economic peril if you don’t think about taking the ‘right’ job for you versus any job.