Sparking - Moving you forward

Do you want to show up more creatively for your clients and your colleagues, your family, and your friends?

Do you want to default to thinking about opportunity versus focusing just on problems?

Discovering Hope is full of proactive steps you can take right now, to achieve a more positive mindset or to help maintain the positivity you already have

Getting Positive reveals that more optimism is close at hand

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Do you have a ‘great’ mind?


‘Great minds have purpose while others have wishes.’ (Washington Irving)

That said, the wish that has meaning to you is the one that brings greatness.

It’s a question of ‘powerful’ motivation; We can all have it. Do you? If you’re unsure

that’s one thing but if you are going to work zombie-like, that’s quite another..

And, not being powerfully motivated for any time will actually damage your brand/

your opportunities with your current and prospective employers.

For more on this, see the June edition of ‘Narrate.’

Now time for a walk to clear the mind..