Becoming one of your agency’s ‘most valuable’ employees

Camels walking through the ocean…That doesn’t happen at least until I saw it, I didn’t believe it. Something almost as unusual as the individual on the career express train that never derails; The individual that’s never been on the wrong side of an agency restructure. Like the camel it’s unusual but still possible. Some potential keys:

Know thyself – Know your strengths and where you can add value and continuously develop them. Have an integrated mindset but be niche a speciality too.

Team player – Help others in the agency develop. Generously share your skills and expertise.

New Business – The lifeblood of any agency – Getting involved in new business and being good at it, both raises your profile and perceived value.

Money – One of the best ways to be valuable to the agency is to be invaluable in helping it acquire and retain income.

Wow factor – Ensure that people enjoy working with you/make them feel good – You do this through being easy and fun to work with but also because you create and innovate.

Over and above – Word hard but where you can and even though already busy, aim to do more than is expected of you.

Active assessment – Know your KPI’s and your clients. Be active in self assessment. Don’t rely on others to do this.

Future mindset – Plan ahead. Know what you want to experience/learn in your new job in preparation for the one after. Make yourself a ‘shoe in’ for it!

Market value – Be aware of your external market value. Be aware of alternative career opportunities; This will give you more confidence in your current role.

Mix it up – Taking time off allows you to sustain focus, energy and passion