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Miami 2014 Winners

The criteria for the award was: Helping your peers/others personally and collectively.

This was described further:

•Help can be in terms of informing and/or assisting them to more ably complete the tasks at hand.
•Help can be inspiring peers to think creatively.
•Help by developing or inspiring ideas that can potentially have a positive impact in the world.
•Help to create a positive environment in which to work.

With this criteria, the participants in the Miami’s Winter Account Planning Boot Camp anonymously voted for their fellow students. Surprisingly it was a four way tie with the recipients splitting the prize of a full tuition scholarship.

Read the full story on the Miami Ad School Website

Congratulations to the first recipients:
William Allen-Mersh
Reaghan Francis
Michael Rebong
Enrique Ahumada


From left to right: Enrique Ahumada, Reaghan Francis, Stuart Parkin, Michael Rebong, William Allen-Mersh