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What We Do

Executive Recruiting

Stuart Parkin

Stuart Parkin

We are an executive recruiting group focused on sourcing and helping the best strategic minds to optimize their career potential.

Our target audience includes Account planners, business strategists, brand strategists, communications/channel/connections/media strategists or any combination of the aforementioned. We realize that the best thinkers may have very different monikers attached to their names. Titles can be very misleading. We appreciate that a great thinker may have an account or creative background or for that matter, a history away from the communications business. We are interested in applied thinking and the impact it can have on driving business results.

We help agencies and companies to solve challenges oriented around first-rate thinking needed to drive client business forward. We work with a range of different enterprise, including creative shops, media entities, digital agencies, branding and marketing consultancies and innovation specialists.

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