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Strategic Planning Jobs Returning?

It’s good to report to the strategy community that at June 9th my calls have developed in to requests to find freelance and full time strategists. That said, the mood out there is still one of great uncertainty, albeit, confidence has improved. As we are emerge from lockdown, marketers will be looking for a broadening and consistency of consumer expenditure. If they see it they will spend more on advertising. In turn, agencies seeing clients return to spending more will think more positively about hiring needs. I suspect what will happen, for the remainder of this year, most employers will pursue a course of ‘flexible’ hiring; Soon furlough deadlines will be reviewed. Some will be re-hired, some will see furlough extensions. There will also be more redundancies. If furloughed, how should you proceed?
1. Prepare to be re-hired or fired! – Assume your job isn’t coming back. If it does its’ a bonus; If it doesn’t psychologically you are prepared. Remember in this situation, it’s very little about ‘you,’ more the world!
2. Front Up – Even if you feel miserable about things, show up positively with your boss and/or potential clients. If you show up negatively your actual world will more likely become the one you imagined.
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