Do you want to show up more creatively for your clients and your colleagues, your family, and your friends?

Do you want to default to thinking about opportunity versus focusing just on problems?

Discovering Hope is full of proactive steps you can take right now, to achieve a more positive mindset or to help maintain the positivity you already have.

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Staying Positive Increases Your Chances of Getting Hired

Just spoke with a strategist who lost their job and with it their confidence, but how they reacted was smart.
After reflecting, first they concluded that the world and ‘their’ world, would not end. They decided they wouldn’t let it!
They decided after allowing themselves to be shaken for 24 hours to return to the front foot.
They then then posted on social media. Their post focused on gratitude to all that had given them the opportunity both in the agency and all that had helped their development. They highlighted the fact that they had so much to learn. (Gratitude and humility can go a long way, as can other’s awareness of our availavility to work.)
Within a day they had received some positive responses and within a week they had a job offer.
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