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Do you want to show up more creatively for your clients and your colleagues, your family, and your friends?

Do you want to default to thinking about opportunity versus focusing just on problems?

Discovering Hope is full of proactive steps you can take right now, to achieve a more positive mindset or to help maintain the positivity you already have

Getting Positive reveals that more optimism is close at hand

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Standout by Getting Your Employer Working For You

Whilst working at your current agency you should consciously pursue experience, education and connections that enhance your distinctiveness as a business problem solver. You should do what you are paid to do (help optimize the agency of which you are part) but also remember that not also leveraging the agency to build your own value, is a wasted opportunity.

Don’t Regret What Was

It’s only once you cease to work for an agency that you appreciate the many things that provides, some obvious and some less so:

A job;A Team; Resources, (financial/creative); Access; Training; Experience; Exposure.

Your working in an agency can be great for the agency’s and its clients business. It should also be a positive step for your career growth.

The Connection between Great Work and Your Success

Does a happy client and grateful agency means you will have an optimized fast tracked career?                                                                                                                            Perhaps.

If you have are known for being an active team player, a proactive individual that helps to resolve client challenges and optimize opportunities, does this mean you will have a fast-tracked career.                                                                                                                 Perhaps

Is your reputation for effectiveness and are the career opportunities afforded you directly linked.                                                                                                                              Perhaps

Why a great contribution Doesn’t Always Mean That You Benefit

For instance. If the agency loves the way you keep one client happy they may well be reluctant to move you to other accounts. Or, put another way, an agency whose priorities and timeline that differ to yours may prioritize training, work, performance and metrics that do not fairly reconcile your contribution, strengths or priorities; Or, you deliver but others claim the credit.

Delivering Consistently Means (In the absence of conscious career management)

If you do deliver consistently and others notice, you should survive (but don’t always).

If you are noticed you might not necessarily be rewarded at all or proportionately or in the way you might want to be.

Delivering tangible metrics yet without a career advocate, throws the recognition and aligned progression you deserve in to question.

Putting Your Employer to Work for You – How?

Accept responsibility for your career progression.

Always have an idea how you want to grow next even if you don’t know what you want your next challenge to be.

Have your own ‘purpose’ and pursue it, even if you don’t believe in the purpose of your employer, or its clients.

Ideally, anticipate what your next career step will be. The clearer you are about this the better able you will be to start harnessing the experience, knowledge and connections you will need to make you a shoe-in for the next role.