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SPARKIN Works with Bernardos to Promote Empathy

In 2021 SPARKIN began working closely with Barnardo’s, to develop a 10-year, UK-wide award program to promote the power of empathy and its ability to transform young lives.
A big thank you to the hard work of Barnardo’s staff and particular thanks to Chris Alexander and his team, who has made possible the establishment of an award that will expose over 150,000, 13 -19 year-olds, to a message designed to inspire, engage and empower young people to act empathetically.
The first award winner, judged by a mixture of service center staff and children, assessed nominees against criteria including:
#Showing the ability to be present for others in both joy and sorrow, bringing no judgement and a spirit of openness when communicating with others as well as treating others with dignity and kindness.
We’re excited to announce the first recipient of the ‘Shepley Empathy Award,’ is Ryan, a 13-year-old from Merseyside (identity protected for legal reasons) who will receive a plaque along with a cash prize of 1000 pounds ($1300). “Well done Ryan!”

All nominees will receive certificates of recognition and thanks. “Well done to all of them too!”
“Children and young people are both the hope and inspiration for the future. At Barnardo’s, we want to support them to make the change they want to see. We are pleased that ‘The Shepley Empathy Award’ is a vehicle for them to be recognized and celebrated. – Christopher Alexander, Relationship Manager, Barnardo’s.”
For the last decade, SPARKIN has advocated the importance of empathy in the advertising/communications business, creating the ‘Parkin Empathy Award’ for the strategic planning community.

The importance of empathy in advertising is key but absolutely pivotal in the development of all children, particularly those in care.

We hope to continue to bring this award to other areas of society.
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