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Parkin Empathy Award Winner

Many congratulations to Quinn Husney, the newest Parkin ‘Empathy’ Award winner and the recipient of $1500 cash prize and three coaching sessions.
I spoke with Quinn and all the other students, a really thoughtful and dynamic group. Congratulations to all the students: Saad Al Abbassi, Mariona Iturrate, Luciana Gutsztat, Molly Brunett, Emma Stearns and Jennie Wang.
A big shout out to all the lecturers who I know from talking with the students, inspired and brought about newfound confidence:
Chris Kwak, RP Kumar, Mario Moiso, Christopher Owens, Yvette Quiazon, Kristen Knape, Tony Smith, Alejandro Oszjust and Imani Flowers.
At SPARKIN, we would like to see many more empaths in the world.
The ability to work seamlessly and effectively, starts with a determination to understand the perspective of others.
This ’empathetic’ gene is key for effective strategic problem solvers as it is for a functioning society!
This award was judged through input with both students and the lecturers, not the school.
A final thanks to Manolo Garcia, the fulcrum around which the boot camps happen.
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