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Make your success here and now.

This morning I heard the tragic news of the  untimely death of one of our industry peers. This made me feel incredibly sad for his family and friends. This also got me thinking once more, about ‘making the most’ and encouraging others to make the most, of NOW! My mind turned to what is effective/successful use of time.

The truth is, we all have our own versions of what is a great use of time, family and friends are right up there for me. However, I think we collectively place much emphasis on the use of time to be about achieving something way off in the distance. And, our society conditions us that big = success. Be it big: Title, salary, home, car, reputation etcetera.

The common reality is, we quickly get dissatisfied once we reach the top of the hill and look for the next one to surmount. This in itself is not a bad thing as human nature and evolution is dependent on the goal driven and inquisitive aspect of human beings. The bad thing is that we often spend much of our lives fixated on the bigger goals and live frustrated or dissatisfied.

My personal view is that real success is in part about tomorrow’s achievements but in large part it is enjoying the steps that lead to achieving the bigger goals. And it makes sense, as those steps make up the bulk of time and our lives.

Real success is about the simple things in life that we take for granted and ignore when we become completely focused on the bigger things.  So, recognize your success today by continuing to be driven but also by acknowledging how far you have already travelled, experienced and by the people who appreciate you today.