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Q3 2014 Strategy Salary Survey


(a survey for agency creative/digital/brand/media strategists and planners based on data provided by New York agency hires made in the last business quarter)

PLANNING EXPERIENCE  ($,000) 3rd Quarter 2014 Results
(3+ years) 75
(5+ years) 115
(8+ years) 175
(10+ years) 210
12+ years) 225

Survey Conclusions

  • The survey sample size is small so the numbers provided far from being definitive are simply a guide. (It’s hoped moving forward that more information will allow breakdowns by agency size and by strategy focus: Creative, Media, Digital, Brand, Product and combinations of the ‘types.’)
  • Creative agency salary premium – Creative agencies at most experience levels, pay a 20% premium for strategic talent, when compared to digital, brand, public relations agencies. The exceptions to this rule are for very senior level hires.

Survey Compilation

  • Each quarter in 2014, beginning in January, a modal salary score will be provided for the New York market for strategic planners.
  • This summary is based on New York agencies only.
  • The data includes creative, digital, media, brand and public relations agencies. It includes data from medium and large agencies. (The goal is in time to provide data by agency ‘type’ and ‘size.’)
  • Data is provided by individuals involved with hiring for the agency.
  • Salary numbers provided are for hires made in the last business quarter.
  • Salary numbers are provided against each level of experience. If no candidates have been hired at an experience level then no numbers will be submitted.
  • Multiple hires at one experience level – Where there have been multiple hires at one experience level the salary number provided is the modal number for the business quarter.
  • Agency’s submitting data can only submit a maximum ‘5’ numbers, one per level of experience.