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Authentic Talent

Through image, song and anagram, each week we present ‘mystery strategist!’ An authentic if cryptic talent showcase be they; Creative, channel, brand, business or amalgam. One week later the individual presents themselves.

Do you have a ‘great’ mind?


‘Great minds have purpose while others have wishes.’ (Washington Irving)

That said, the wish that has meaning to you is the one that brings greatness.

It’s a question of ‘powerful’ motivation; We can all have it. Do you? If you’re unsure

that’s one thing but if you are going to work zombie-like, that’s quite another..

And, not being powerfully motivated for any time will actually damage your brand/

your opportunities with your current and prospective employers.

For more on this, see the June edition of ‘Narrate.’

Now time for a walk to clear the mind..


Admire Mad Fan (Adam Friedman)

Adam Friedman

Creative Strategist

Inspiration: “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus facilisis mollis nunc, a ornare odio vehicula quis. Nulla vel luctus velit. Nulla facilisi. Nulla volutpat.”-Adam Friedman

My Song For You: [cincopa AcDAKp7fI1ci]